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Cold sticky soles that are uppers and soles bond

polyurethane) injection (machine and tooling is different from General injection molding). Advantages: because it is a machine, large output, and low prices. Disadvantages: if many styles, more trouble for mold, shoe shaped hard, cold shoes didn't work fine, so orders generally fit the soles single style. Cold viscosity is what we usually mean by hand-made shoes, Italy and Spain those brand-name shoes fall into this category. Generally require adhesive assembly line processing (except cottage), cold bonding soles are generally made of a dedicated factory, if they don't have shoe mold, that require additional tooling, nike flyknit lunar 2 womens and shoe factory more than 1W Dual free open mode. Practices are plastics after your last setting for the uppers and soles glued together. Advantages: works fine, made shoes better. Disadvantages: output is small, prices are higher, generally suitable for medium size

 factories to scale above. Differences: differences between adhesive and plastic shoes are the most obvious feature is the sole, plastic shoe heel or edge lines, it is because the shoes left by the mold. Cold sticky soles that are uppers and soles bond side, so it is invisible. Part of the shoe: shoes are mainly composed of upper and lining (lining), before and after the end of hot, header, background (also known as inch bottom), sole, and other components. Uppers: materials such as leather (LEATHER) or artificial leather,  nike free run leather material is uneven, best is the first layer of the dermis, the texture is soft, good scalability, and personally, I still absolutely the finest soft lambskin shoes cool. There are many kinds of leather, contact me at best PU leather, for each wire thickness, usually 80, good up to 140 wire, suitable for the production of flat surfaces (not lining), comfortable to wear,

especially Korea shoes, are generally doing so. Today's most popular rubberized PU leather leather, cleaning leather, bubble stripes, Crazy Horse lines, lines, lines of Napa, 18 lines, and so on many lines. Because Crazy Horse leather like leather texture and make better, so is popular right now, but the price is very high. Eraser is the most classic leather, has been popular for a few years, rubberized right now there are many ways, wipe out effect is not the same, are darker in color with light, and has a great relationship with the wax, and affordable, but work very difficult, generally require specialized master's eraser to wipe good. Now have a simulation of cowhide leather, thickness of more than 200, and high prices. Lining and hot bottom: materials such as leather, Pu, leather uppers are equipped with leather lining, comfortable, good heat, are less susceptible to "athlete's

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