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deformation shoes conducive to restoring the status

problem. (6) stability: putting shoes on a flat surface, shoes should be immediately motionless, so good shoes for stability, which is one of the basic conditions of high quality shoes. (7) checks on the side: shoes on the plane, the outsole of the shoe (forefoot) and plane contact point should be in the Middle, toe properly squat, heels upright and the bottom should be completely flat surface. (8) the positive check: look to the same height and outsole, outsole with medial and lateral tilt of different size. Should be basically the air jordan 3 retro uk same, to maintain balance. (9): check from behind: the heel should be upright, back line should be straight. (10) two shoes compare: once all these checks are done, still need to carefully compare the length of the two shoes, height and shape are) unanimously, or symmetry, also look bright, color is consistent. How to prolong the life of the shoes? A pair of

leather shoes, on the premise of its manufacturing quality, good maintenance and proper wear, can extend their life many times, it is of great economic importance. To make the shoe has a longer service life, you should do the following several points: (1) To avoid sharp objects or shaved, which need to be used in the process that you want to pay more attention. (2) avoid meeting hot; do not use fire, or in strong sunlight. (3) maintenance: always remove the upper dirt, rubbed Polish, try to avoid meeting the water, air jordan 1 retro uk prevents mildew during storage. (4) to give the shoe a certain interval of rest: shoes, like people, need rest too. Best have a rotation of several pairs of shoes to wear, leather shoes have a certain interval of time off, it would make it less susceptible to damage, deformation shoes conducive to restoring the status quo ante. (5) the light color shoes should pay attention

 to pollution prevention: more high-grade leather shoes, tend to increasingly lighter colors, so wear available, but also to avoid dirty; because once the light shoes for dirt, is very difficult to bring it back to its original color. (6) To protect the heel: leather, particularly shoes, heels should be replaced with the bottom material, after serious wear heels do not wait for a change again. How to apply shoe Polish? Who will apply shoe Polish, but only by your own imagination do tend to lead to errors, and wouldn't protect not only shoes, but less damage to leather shoes. Shoes rubbing oil for the first time, should be carried out before wearing new shoes. In the case of shoes haven't touched the dirt started to rub oils, can well keep the shoe color and light. Worn by later in the process, need shoe once every 2-3 days. Shoe Polish wax are the main ingredients and oils, when the shoe Polish

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