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file and then hit it with a hammer to make the shoe

 after being painted on the shoe leather surface, oil can seep into skin, to preserve the leather's rich and soft wax stuck in and form a thin layer of wax film on the upper, can play a role in waterproofing stain and protective upper. But when coated shoe, but not too much, as in the uppers are coated in a thick layer of Polish, most of the oil through one intradermal, and stays in the leather, forming a layer of grease. Should be well before applying Polish to remove dirt on the upper, or long run render the vamp hairline  air jordan 6 retro uk

cracks. Coated shoe general method is given below: (1) remove mud and dirt on the soles and between residual joints and lace brush carefully brush away the dust. (2) With lane on your fingers, dip some detergents, slightly hard, the upper dirt, painted, such as shoe Polish rubbed off. New shoes not mill feet has tips new shoes easy mill Hou heel, this

main is because currently China business shoes process of last together processes General needs will Hou heel clip up, makes followed by shape is pointed angle shaped, coupled with shoes of Hou heel Department usually is two block leather of suture at, makes Hou Department not sleek, feet and shoes slightly gap on very easy will heel mill broken. Therefore, likely to feel foot and shoes, we might as well wear heels rubbing before  air jordan 4 retro uk and, secondly, mill and sew leather with small file and then hit it with a hammer to make the shoe fit perfectly in the back. So when wearing new shoes, you can from the flesh. Protecting nubuck leather shoes? Brush nubuck leather uppers not oil or water, the correct approach is to gently brush with a clean brush along the direction, or with special rubber, shoe powder cleaner. Out of season shoes store? Stored out of season shoes start with

cleaning and maintenance, shade shoes after cavity filling shoe or a clean soft materials (such as newspapers, cloth, etc), and during storage, and put a little moisture beads in the shoes, under cool, dry and ventilated places. Metal studs how to care? (1) the Golden Shoe buckle a little transparent shoeshine wipe gently. (2) fade shoe buckle and smooth grinding of silicon carbide paper or sand eraser to gently erase spots. (3) the iron screw apply clear nail polish or metal clasp to prevent oxidation. Footwear knowledge: first, the general classification of basic craft Shoes Footwear: injection molding and cold bonding of two main categories. Injection molding or machine made shoes, uppers in its aluminum last when generally consists of a rotating disc machine materials such as injected directly into the PVC,TPR, one-time formed sole, now there are PU(Chemical name

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