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higher income, consumption, and other characteristics, the Li Ning products, with consumer gr

of 17-30, being better educated, higher income, consumption, and other characteristics, the Li Ning products, with consumer groups have a strong fit. Li Ning stores are open only right and proper. But how accurate and effective nike blazer damarketing for consumer groups, expand their traditional sales channels to the Internet?i-Ning is management innovation. In the system of Li Ning's organizational structure, established two peer companies seem to have a different kind of sector, digital marketing and e-Commerce Department. These two departments are responsible for Li Ning, Li-Ning's operation of virtual communities and straight camp shop operation and management work on online agents and Li Ning can be seen on the net market value. So, these two departments is how to develop the effect ofLi Ning, an online shop e-commerce. In April 2008, the Li Ning set up e-Commerce Departme

nt, launched direct-sale on Taobao flagship stores and retail outlets. Taobao e-commerce platform, has more than 1000 online stores selling Li Ning products, blocking than sparse, Li Ning, Li Ning, the use of Electronic Commerce Department of the dealer system incorporated the existing online store to address network good, true and false debate situation. In 2009, all of Li Ning's website using the online shop provided by the Li Ning private CI, and VI, developed by the Li-Ning uniform theme. 2011 Li-Ning's new line of athletic wear surface or stained with dirt from outside or in the gap of human skin secretions. External contaminants including air, sand, dust, fume, fruit juice, vegetable substances, mainly present in the coat, skin secretions included, such as fat, sweat and skin dander, 2011 Li-Ning's new line of athletic wear costumes or crack on the sur

face will be stained with dirt or skin exudates from outside. 2011 Li-Ning's new sportswear if long wear without washing dirt deep into the crack and fiber, not plug holes, hamper air and perspiration, cause human discomfort, but it is mildew yin, decreased the fastness, even threatening to human health. Long reset not wash, wash and also affects physical health, so, clothes to wash frequently changes2sui children products. These products will be based on the needs of parents and children, through the integration of innovation, stimulating children's sports passion, movement for the protection of children, and provide a better moving experience for them. Li-Ning brand products contain  nike cortez kopen

  different Li-Ning sportswear, children's wear for children series. Among them, the professional series will focus on the production campaign of technology products, mainly applies to children's physical education, games, etc; sports live series will focus on the production basis of child safety products, will apply to extra-curricular activities, or to enjoy everyday activities. Its research and development, design, production, sales as one of the business model, and will effectively ensure the quality of their products. Now Taobao to sell Li Ning products more an

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