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hongxing Polk can even signed several tennis players

marketing companies is by no means small. Hongxing Polk can also be used to put "news reports", without a spokesperson (or other weight-lifting persons image) ad – after the Olympics, replaced Chen xiexia weightlifting women's ray ban jackie ohh sunglasses  ads immediately. Apart from these, won the first gold of the material, at the moment when Chen xiexia won the gold, it must be plastered hongxing all Terminal shop, owned by Polk."Only appeared in the Louvre in Paris, the Chinese men's brand," let PA bullish for many years, "the first gold medal of the Olympic Games in Beijing hongxing way Polk", "China's first overseas listed sporting brand" so unique, "first" propaganda, hongxing Polk received what in return? Committed to squeeze into the second tier, or competitors, a very good way to ray ban justin sunglasses cheap

do that is, frequently appear in the publicity and promotion of "first" in order to let the consumer know you forward, beyond, you are the leading brands.Why is weight liftingSee hongxing Polk and Anta "first gold" and the "dispute", my first question is: why is weight lifting?What other sports

do not lift weights should be? Tennis.From the brief description above, as we know, hongxing Polk this brand is a tennis professional, niche market positioning, for brands to get a unique, clear support. Brands need to accumulate and precipitate, hongxing Polk needs tennis along this road, go bravely ahead.Soon, posters of weightlifting gold medal, or the Polk Terminal hung hung-store. Although the Olympic champion, though, is "held up a Chinese force" advocacy of such a shocking, I think it is "regrettable". As long as the tennis player's posters for the stores, effective publicity better than weightlifting Olympic champion-and can save you a sponsorship fee, which already allows consumers "know", hongxing Polk and Olympic, sports, tennis can also be evoked memories of them.Why hongxing Polk in early 2007 layout of the Olympic Games, are not looking tennis?World's top tennis players is taken, that Chinese tennis player, unknown in other countries, promising tennis player, sports teams? Unknown means signing cost economy,

 hongxing Polk can even signed several tennis players, formed the multinational force endorsement brand, the continuity and strength of the brand, are well spread.Strategy, futureEnter the official website of hongxing Polk in the morning, Chen xiexia "lifted up China's power" the Red plane is very powerful, but no tennis; enter the Home, two lines of introduction, "... ... We specialize in brand erke designed and marketed for athletic footwear, apparel and sports equipment. "See Tennis Open Group, see tennis is on its sponsorship of" the WTA Guangzhou Open tennis tournament ". Eye-catching news is "first partnering with China hongxing Polk Sha zu" words or no tennis.Author girlfriend served of advertising company has two a slightly with strength of movement brand customer, a compared has strength, in three flow location, brand do not up and unwilling heart let go, swing Yu "brand + wholesale + generation workers" mode, competition fierce, and environment slump Xia, Enterprise status was Kan excellent; (Chen Shixin works) another a strength less, but focused

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