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Insole cushion soles and uppers in the middle of the floor

foot". PU PU PVC in general much better, but more expensive! Shoe soles is an important part of end of PU, TPR bottom end of PVC, the combination of late. PU bottom has the advantages of light weight, soft texture, feel good. Is of Middle Eastern and European customers are made of materials like PU sole, but very expensive (prices recently PU horror, dramatic cost increases, but the shoe prices do not rise, many factories on the spot), now has a polyurethane injection (after PU INJECTION, because the large output   nike free run 5.0 running shoes

and cost reduction, are also popular. TPR outsole medium weight, there is a certain flexibility, but the price is cheaper than the PU, and there is no odor. PVC of soles price most cheap, General are is factory inside directly injection, but cold stick soles also useful PVC material of, texture can through pre plastic regulation, can hard can soft, but PVC soles how much

are somewhat odor, because is plastic material, if mix plastic with good of oil, is taste is light, but if with back oil, that taste pungent, let people is uncomfortable, actually this completely depends on and factory of reputation. Insole cushion soles and uppers in the middle of the floor, single material, there is not much to say. Baotou is a layer of cardboard, in millimeters, Taiwan produced header quality is better, 1.Baotou 7mm is already very good. Mainly used in the toe and heel in order to make the shoe look sharp nike free run 3 womens running shoes and play the role of reinforcement shape. Two, leather leather classification there are three major classifications: the first one is the breakdown by types of animal skins, like leather, sheep and pig leather and leather, etc. The second is by purpose, such as shoe leather, leather and other industries (see table below). Third species is by processing method

points, as light leather, and heavy leather, and suede, category for example by uses classification shoes with leather uppers leather, and soles leather, and shoes in leather clothing leather clothes leather, and skirt with leather, and tie leather gloves leather civilian gloves leather, and labor gloves leather, and sports gloves leather box leather hard box leather, and soft leather, and votes clip leather sofa leather civilian sofa leather, and car cushion leather sports with leather basketball leather, and football leather, and volleyball leather loaded with leather loaded with leather, and saddle with leather tape leather belt leather, and laces leather, and strap leather industrial with leather drive with leather, and find shuttle leather, and skin circle leather, and Gasometer leather, wipe the filter leather with leather trim leather, leather, Hu Qinge drum three, how to identify real leather

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