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    ..:Girl's Generation:.. :khix9:

    Name:SoNyeoShiDae /Shao Nu Shi Dai / Girls' Generation
    Members:TaeYeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, HyoYeon, Yuri, SooYoung, YoonA, SeoHyun
    Debut Date:August 2, 2007 on SBS Inkigayo [Recording]
    August 5 on SBS Inkigayo [Broadcast]
    Balloon Color:Pastel Rose Heart
    Company:SM Entertainment
    Official Website

    Stage Name:TaeYeon
    Real Name: Kim Taeyeon
    DOB: March 9, 1989
    Height: 162cm
    Weight: 44kg
    Blood Type: O
    Specialty: Chinese, swimming
    School: Jeonju Art High School, 3rd Year
    Casted: 2004 8th Annual Best Contest <Best Singer 1st Place & Grand Award>
    Attended SM Academy
    -2004 Featured in The One's song "You Bring Me Joy"

    Stage Name: YuRi
    Real Name: Kwon Yuri
    DOB: December 5, 1989
    Height: 167cm
    Weight: 45kg
    Specialty: Chinese, swimming
    School: NeungGok High School, 3rd Year
    Casted: 2001 SM 1st Annual Youth Best Contest <Best Dancer, 2nd Place>
    Experience:-2005 KM Super Junior Show 'The King's Boyfriend'
    -2006 DBSK's Beautiful Life MV
    -2006 Orion Chocopie Chinese CF w/ Jang Donggun
    -2006 Dongil Highvill CF
    -2007 DBSK's Second Concert guest appearance
    -Hot Choco Mite CF
    -2007 Attack on the Flower Boys Movie

    Stage Name:HyoYeon
    Real Name:Kim Hyoyeon
    DOB: September 22, 1989
    Height: 158cm
    Weight: 48kg
    Blood Type: AB
    Specialty: Chinese, dancing
    School: 2004.3~8 Studied Mandarin Chinese in Beijing, China
    Casted: 2000 SM Casting System
    -2005 M.Net/KM Music Festival - BoA's 'Over the Top' silhouette dancer

    Stage Name:Sunny
    Real Name:Lee Sonkyu
    DOB: May 15, 1989
    Height: 158cm
    Weight: 43kg
    Specialty: Sports, swimming
    School: Baehwa All-Girls High School, 3rd Year
    Casted: 2007 SM Casting System

    Stage Name: Jessica
    Real Name: Jung Sooyeon
    DOB: April 18, 1989
    Height: 163cm
    Weight: 45kg
    Blood Type: B
    Specialty: English
    Family: Mother, father, sister
    School: Korea Kent Foreign School, Graduated
    Casted: 2000 SM Casting System

    Stage Name: SeoHyun
    Real Name: Seo Juhyun
    DOB: June 28, 1991
    Height: 168cm
    Weight: 48kg
    Blood Type: A
    Specialty: Chinese, piano
    School: Daeyoung High School, 1st Year
    Casted: 2003 SM Casting System
    -2004 SMART Uniform Model

    Stage Name:SooYoung
    Real Name:Choi Sooyoung
    English Name:Summer
    DOB: February 10, 1990
    Height: 170cm
    Weight: 48kg
    Blood Type: O
    Specialty: Japanese
    School: Jungshin All-Girls High School, 2nd Year
    Casted: 2000 SM Open Audition
    2002 Korea-Japan Ultra Idol Duo Audition
    -2002 Debuted in Japan in the duo Route 0
    -2003 Samsung AnyCall CF w/ Park Jungah
    -2003 Japan Chubbygang Clothing Model
    -2004 Skoolooks Uniform Model
    -2005 M.Net Hello Chat VJ
    -2007 DMB ChunBangJiChuk Radio DJ (with Super Junior's Sungmin)

    Stage Name:Tiffany *ty của tớ Tínì :khix42
    Real Name:Hwang Miyoung
    English Name:Stephanie
    DOB:August 1, 1989
    Specialty:English, flute
    School:Korea Kent Foreign School, Graduated
    Casted:2004 SM Casting System
    2004 CJ/KMTV (USA-LA) Contest 1st Place

    Stage Name:YoonA
    Real Name:Im Yoona
    DOB: May 30, 1990
    Height: 166cm
    Weight: 47kg
    Blood Type: B
    School: Daeyoung High School, 2nd Year
    Casted: 2002 SM Saturday Open Casting Audition
    -2004 TVXQ's Magic Castle MV
    -2006 Sanyo Eneloop CF
    -2006 Teun Teun English 'Follow Me' CF
    -2006 TVXQ First Concert guest appearance
    -2006 Super Junior's U MV
    -2006 TZSX's My Everything MV
    -2007 Elite CF with SS501
    -2007 Sunkist Lemonade CF w/ Super Junior's Kangin, Heechul | Version 2
    -2007 Clean and Clear CF
    -2007 MBC 9 Hits, 2 Outs
    -Cindy the Perky, eCole, Dasoo magazines
    Fancafe: [Luxury Brand]
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