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Love letter to you!!!

    Today is 11/9/2006. I have to write a love letter for my special girl. I confess that i'm rather bad at writing letters. Letters took some of my grades last semester but no matter how it's hard, i will make an effort with all my best.
    We've just met this morning. I'm chatting with you and you ask me to write a love letter for you. Writing something for you is not so difficult to me because with you i always have things to tell.
     I've listened to the song Beautiful over and over. I love the 1st sentence in the lyric " I do believe in fate coz that how we met". Was it how we met? Since the time i knew you, i've asked myself that question not once. Why not somebody else but you? Girls go around and are everywhere but why i chose you to be my love.
    People look at me as a man with few words. I don't know how to write beautiful things. Indeed, I can't even write a good letter in Vietnamese while what i'm writing here is an English love letter. Oops, am i straying away from the content i wanna send to you..............Goshhhhh, it's not my style, i mean this kind of letter. I should begin a new line.....
    1st time we met. I didn't pay attention to you much as your friends thought. It's not because you're not beautiful, it's because i was so indifferent.
    No one could understand me more than you. I can see that truth appearing in every of your words and every of your attitude and gestures you gave to me. You know exactly what my girl must be like and you also know that how much you're like what i need. I feel completely sufficient just to be with you. I take no interest in beautiful faces. You're very special. You're gentle. You're cute. You've got strong personality. You've got sense of humor. You've got intelligence. You've got many other beautiful characteristics. However, which i love at you most is that you've got something inexplicable which makes me fit in with you so well and so .....deeply.
    You know i'm very categorical. To me, love or no love. There is no hesitance. When i really care about someone so so carefully and unknowningly like i do upon you, that means i love them. I recognized that i love you throughout our time together. Really happy to be by your side. Feel warm when you come close to me. I don't have crush as i did in the past. What i feel when i think about our love is not something eager or excited but deep inside and really warm.
    I still draw the excerpt from Tong Hua and i hope you won't be bored with it. Still that sentence "Ye xu ni bu hui tong, cong ni shuo ai wo yi hou, wo de tian kong xing xing dou lian le". I believe you've got the idea of this lyric excerpt already but what i necessarily want you to know is the meaning of it. The meaning of how important you are to me.
    This is surely not a letter which helps me say i love you because i said it many times before. This just a writing remarked as an explanation about my love for  you and my feeling towards you. Those things must be so hard to be seen through by someone else but i believe you're meant to understand it because  to me somehow we're created for each others.
    I love you!!!

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