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ANOFENTham gia: 29/03/2010
  • Thông tin về từng thành viên cua nhóm nhạc đông nhất thế giới - DOUBLE B21 / A PEACE.
    Giải Trí
    CameraNikon D3
    Focal Length200mm

    Thông tin về từng thành viên cua nhóm nhạc đông nhất thế giới - DOUBLE B21 / A PEACE.


    Jee Hyun-Sung
    date of birthday: 02.12.1989
    height: 186cm
    weight: 63 kg
    Hobbies: Watching movies, listening to music
    Specialties: Kendo, walking
    Heo Chang-Woo
    date of birthday: 02.04.1992
    height: 184 cm
    weight: 65 kg
    Hobbies: English conversation, reading a book of quotations, reading my life story, Rap
    Specialties: Soccer, smiling, baseball
    Mun Byeong-Hun
    date of birtday: 06.06.1990
    height: 186 cm
    weight: 66 kg
    Hobbies: Listening to music
    Specialty: B-Boy Dance
    Kim Jin-Woo
    date of birthday: 12.10.1992
    height: 188 cm
    weight: 67 kg
    Hobby: Music Videos, Rap
    Specialties: Exercise
    Kim Seoung-Hyung
    date of birthday:  11.07.1992
    height: 188 cm
    weight: 70 kg
    Hobbies: exercising, reading
    Specialties: Exercise
    Kim Wan-Chul
    date of birthday: 13.04.1992
    height: 185 cm
    height: 63 kg
    Hobbies: Watching movies, travel, museum viewing, listening to music
    Specialty: singing
    Min Jin-Hong
     date of birthday: 24.10.1993
    height: 187cm
    height: 67kg
    Hobbies: Watching movies Listening to music
    Specialties: Walking
    Jeong Young-Uk
    date of birthday: 14.05.1995
    height: 182cm
    height: 62kg
    Hobbies: Watching movies, choreography consists
    Specialties: Dance, Hitobokkusu song (don't know what it is)
    Choi Young-Won
    date of birthdat: 12.05.1988
    height: 180cm
    height: 61kg
    Hobbies: It's the same movie several times, listening to music the same way
    Specialties: singing
    Kim Seung-Hwan
    date of birthday: 01.01.1994
    height: 189cm
    height: 62kg
    Hobbies: Internet surfing, hiking, shopping, violin
    Specialties: Rap, lyrics, design
     Oh Se-Hyeon
    date of birthday: 08.03.1994
    height: 182cm
    height: 58kg
    Hobbies: Soccer, playing a musical instrument
    Specialties: Piano
    Son You-Chang
    date of birthday: 21.12.1987
    height: 181cm
    height: 64kg
    Hobbies: Photography, listening to hip-hop music
    Specialties: songwriter, composer
    Yoo Dong-Ho
    date of birthday: 25.02.1985
    height: 184cm
    height: 64kg
    Hobbies: swimming, photography, window shopping
    Specialties: cello, ballet, walking
    Park Jae-Won
    date of birthday: 17.12.1986
    height: 190cm
    height: 76kg
    Hobbies: Reading, shopping, self-camera
    Specialties: Kendo 
    Jeong Eun-Ho
    date of birthday: 08.08.1987
    height: 185cm
    height: 63kg
    Hobbies: Listening to music, watching movies, dancing, fencing, rock climbing
    Specialties: acting, beatbox
    Hong Sung-Ho
    date of birthday: 15.09.1991
    height: 187cm
    height: 69kg
    Hobbies: fencing, swimming, soccer
    Specialties: impersonator
    Jeong Ho-Young
    date of birthday: 19.02.1992
    height: 190cm
    height: 70kg
    Hobbies: basketball, tae kwon do, acting
    Specialties: Taekwondo
    Song Seung-Hyuk
    date of birthday: 30.07.1991
    height: 181cm
    height: 62kg
    Hobbies: badminton, table tennis, watching movies
    Specialties: singing, impersonator
    Ha Geon-Hee
    date of birthday: 19.07.1991
    height: 183cm
    height: 61kg
    Hobbies: internet, music, movies
    Specialties: singing
    Hwang Du-Hwan
    date of birthday: 30.01.1994
    height: 187cm
    height: 65kg
    Hobbies: singing, exercising, reading mystery novels, Bicycles
    Specialties: Dance, Exercise
    Lee Sung-Woo
    date of birthday: 08.08.1989
    height: 184cm
    height: 65kg
    Hobbies: Watching movies, listening to music
    Specialties: playing musical instruments (drums, bass)
    Thông tin về từng thành viên cua nhóm nhạc đông nhất thế giới - DOUBLE B21 / A PEACE.