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press with your fingers close to the upper edge

shoes real leather characteristics: (1) pigskin leather shoes: leather grain, pores round and thick, diagonally into the leather-like pores on grain, arranged in groups of three root, forming the triangle pattern, uneven grain, with a special pattern. Pig leather for excellent abrasion resistance. (2) the cow hide leather shoes: cattle leather round grain of pores on the surface, and the contests to enter within the leather, the pores  nike zoom vapor 9.5 tour uk

close and evenly distributed on the leather surface, leathery full grain, smooth, detailed. (3) Buffalo leather: grain Buffalo leather pores are round and thick, and straight into the leather, the pores of ox leather rareLess, more evenly distributed on the leather surface, particle surface uneven, coarser. Poor wear resistance, high tensile strength, suitable for all kinds of machinery tires leather. (4) the horsehide leather: grain leather oval pores, holes larger

than do cattle fur, more inclined to stretch into the leather, the pores are arranged regularly, constitute a mountain-shaped, leathery looser, less plump cattle leather. (5) Sheepskin leather: grain flat surface pores, more inclined to stretch into the leather pores a few group, arranged like scales or jagged, smooth fine grain sheep leather, goat leather sheep skin pores clear, leathery and elastic. Fake leather characteristics: (1) leather: leather and synthetic leather, the feature has no pores. "Fangyangpi" synthetic leather,  nike mid blazer womens such as no matter how like imitation, careful observation can also be seen traces of mold with pressure. (2) odor: fake leather with plastic sheets, no hair Coke smell when burned. (3) identification method: get their shoes, then, press with your fingers close to the upper edge of the sole, if Kraft, there will be small wrinkles. Finger snap back, wrinkles will

disappear naturally. Synthetic leather, this behavior does not occur. Four characteristics of natural characteristics of leather and artificial leather natural leather natural leather characteristics superior to other materials, lies in its flexible, breathable, abrasion resistance, folding and beauty. ... So is indispensable for high grade shoes leather material. Its characteristics are: 1. quality natural leather parts are very different. Because of the different site functions in animals, different generation, development, made from leather, its ministries structure, density, tear-resistant, made piece is different. Impressions, feel especially extension, Flex and processing properties are different. 2.Parts of fibers (threads) structure is directional. Each piece of leather in different parts, fiber orientation is different. When the leather is stretched when the extension rate is different in different parts. Some forces

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