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thampt1Tham gia: 26/06/2009
  • Ý nghĩa tên tiếng anh dành cho con gái - A
    Xã Hội
    CameraNikon D3
    Focal Length200mm

    Ý nghĩa tên tiếng anh dành cho con gái - A

    Abigail Source of Joy
    Ada Prosperous, Happy
    Adelaide Noble, Of Good Cheer
    Adrienne Feminine of Adrian
    Agatha The Good
    Agnes Pure, Gentle
    Aileen Light
    Aimee Beloved
    Alanna Fair
    Alarice Ruler of All
    Alda Rich
    Alexandra Helper of Mankind
    Alice Noble, Of Good Cheer
    Alina Fair
    Alison Of Sacred Fame
    Alma Nourishing
    Amanda Loveable
    Amaryllis Fresh, Sparkling
    Amber Jewel
    Anastasia One who shall rise again
    Andrea Feminine of Andrew
    Angela Angelic
    Angelica Italian form of Angela
    Anita Grace
    Ann, Anne Grace, Mercy
    Annabelle Joy
    Annette Variant of Anne
    Anthea Flower-Like
    April To Open Up
    Ariana Silvery
    Arleen A Pledge
    Astrid Impulsive in Love
    Audrey Strong

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