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Generally children wish they were grown up and old people wish they were young again. Each age has its own pleasures and pains . And to my mind, the happiest person is the one who knows hoa to enjoy fully what his age has brught to him .

Childhood is the happiest time in one's life . If the children are brought up good familises they will be well- bred, Love and taken care of carefully . They will become useful citizens to society.

But childhood has its pains too. They aren't to do whatever they wish . If they do something wrong theu will he punished. Therefore they aren't quite happy.

When they grow up , they completely get rid of stric regulations and rules froms their parents and schools but they have to work for their living . They can so no longer expect other to pay for their food , their clothes and their lodging . Now they must have responsibiliti towards their families andsociety.

The old age has been always considered as the worst age to be, but it's not necessary for the old to be unhappy.

After many yeras of hard work, when reaching their old age,the old man accumulated lots of experiences which will be a valuable treasure for their future generations . they are now entitled to the pride in what they have bequeathed to their children.They can have the joy of seeing their children and grand children making brogress in life of growing uparound them.Moreover, if in their past lives they had great contributions to society, to their fatherland they would be remembered for ever and ever by the generations to come

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