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This finals semifinal encounter toss-ups strong

 Many people believe that he will return to Barcelona, 2022 years later, many players will be placed in this team, they are playing for other teams, the former Barcelona player will return to the Nou Camp, and their identities will be the coach and sporting Director and even Club President, because we all of Barcelona is one big family. ” 2014 Chinese table tennis Super League semifinals will be held tomorrow in weishan County, Shandong province's great Army Day ping-pong will commence tomorrow afternoon with Shandong Luneng men's team finals competition. Although from General game of record see, Army Day big commercial, and Shandong Luneng (micro Bo data) each WINS one split, but from both lineup view, has Zhang jike (micro Bo), and Hao shuai (micro Bo) and wave, (micro Bo) of Shandong  oakley sunglasses flak jacket cheap  Luneng team seems to strength more wins a raised, Army Day big caravan to wants to ran had Shandong Luneng this a shut killed into finals apparently not pieces easy of thing.Lu Qiangqiang dialogue toss-upsThis season, Army Day sitting on large caravan Fan Zhendong, Wang Hao (microblogging blogs), Zhou Yu (microblogging), Ken XU Hao this National Games champion team, was achieved in 18 rounds of matches in the regular season record of 14 WINS and 4 losses with 32 points, and as 2nd place in the regular season who qualified for the finals. Play with Shandong Luneng team twice in the regular season,

Army Day Grand Caravan 1:3 defeat away, 3:1 win at home, it can be said the two teams played to a draw.With Zhang jike, Hao shuai, Boer 3 Inspector Generals of Shandong Luneng team had also made the regular season record of 14 WINS and 4 losses, but because the small disadvantages which ranked Army Day following last week's Caravan, winning the regular season 3rd place. This finals semifinal encounter toss-ups strong dialogue between the two sides.As veteran Wang faded Stadium this year,  oakley sunglasses oil rig cheap

  falling significantly, not many chances, Army Day caravan key held by a young Fan Zhendong number one singles this season. So, tomorrow's semi-final Fan Zhendong can hold a Grand Slam Winner Zhang jike, will largely determine the movements of this semi-final.Ningbo Haitian may not be able to seize a "dark horse"Ningbo Haitian team, not surprisingly, the regular-season leader in the semi-final chose regular season "dark horse" Super cable in Jiangsu team, which is the only national team among the top 4 players sit on the team, but the overall strength of the team is not weak, Ningbo Haitian team a 14-game winning streak they ended the regular season.National champion Marlon (micro-blogging) on the recent Chinese table tennis Super League winning amazing, again this season, the regular season record of 22 WINS and 5 losses account for individual rankings of the top spot.

Jiangsu team both Cui Qinglei and Orchha Ningbo, Rove is hard to beat the "big brother", but compared to last season, Ningbo, the second single, national champion yan an (microblogging) slump. Ningbo Haitian can clinch Malone either, but doubles the Jiangsu team dominated, Yan an Cui Qinglei, Zhu Shihe 5th Pan Chao (microblogging), are August 6, under the United Kingdom, the Daily Telegraph, while Atletico Madrid this summer introduced manzhujiqi and gelieziman one after another up two senior generals, but Diego Simeone are still unsatisfied, he is prepared to once again eating into a striker, and the La Liga (micro-blog feature) champion ready to dig anti-Chelsea (official Twitter data), the acquisition of Jose Mourinho's Germany striker Xu Erlei.After a stint in a fruitless season, Chelsea in the transfer market this summer madness reinforcement, and Ma Jingcheng Blues purchase supermarket, Diego and Felipe Luis Costa moved to Stamford Bridge in succession, Courtois has returned to the Blues, this is not finished, and Chelsea are also interested in buying Atletico tieweimilanda.Crazy Chelsea to lure Atletico Madrid and linen Legion are not sitting still, the Daily Telegraph revealed that the Blues to clean a foreign aid to meet the premier (micro-blog feature) and Champions League (micro-blog feature) quota of foreign aid cases, Atletico's tentative offer to Chelsea buy Xu Erlei.

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