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  • Sin cau be but chi - Crayon Shin Chan
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    Sin cau be but chi - Crayon Shin Chan

    Minh rat thich truyen "sin - cau be but chi " thinh thoang search ­tren mang tim hinh anh va may mau chuyen funny ve cau be sin. Day la nhan vat trong truyen, moi nguoi chiu kho dich nha...

    Nhan vat chinh : Moi 5 tuoi nhung lai rat thich nhung nguoi phu nu hap dan!!!

    Crayon Shin Chan (AKA Shinnosuke Nohara)
    "You can't beat two women wrestling in bikinis!" - "Ugh! I ate too much, gotta take a poop." - "Don't forget my present!"
    The kindergarten star of the show. This boy has a very big head and TINY hands and feet. He quite often TRIES to be good, but ends up causing even more trouble... he's very sweet and evil at the same time. Shin Chan LOVES Chocobee, which is a star shaped cookie thing, and HATES bell peppers. He has a VERY active imagination.... it is not uncommon to find him dressed in hilarious costumes - such as a cicada, a mushroom or a mosquito. He also has a very adult attraction to pretty girls (and he lets them know he's interested...) . Crayon often causes chaos in public places, much to his mother's dismay! He is prone to doing the 'Cheek Monster Dance' and 'Mr. Elephant Dance' at the worst of times...

    Misae Nohara ( Mama cua Shin 27 tuoi )
    "You're asking for it..." - "I'm going shopping." - "Don't bother me while I nap" - "Clean up your room and get off the table."
    Shin Chan's Mother. She tries her best to make her home the "perfect" example of "normal" suburban life... but life with Shin Chan is far from NORMAL! Misae has a HOT temper and is the undisputed head of the household. She enforces with face stretches and killer noogies. These noogies quickly give rise to super-fast swelling comical reddened lumps! Shin Chan often reminds his mother that she old, flat-chested and has a big butt. He also refers to her as a short tempered tightwad. Misae takes daily naps and goes out shopping, quite often leaving Shin Chan alone in the house! Overall, Misae seems to be a loving (and sometimes crabby) mother, who is having trouble raising her first son and keeping things nice for her ineffectual husband...

    Hiroshi Nohara ( Papa cua Shin )
    "Shut up! Get away from me!" - "Lucky kid. I wish I could get some of that attention..."
    Crayon's Father. A typical hardworking Japanese business man who commutes to the big city and lives in the suburbs. He works long hours and wishes most of all to come home to a peaceful receptive house at the end of a long day... much to his dismay the house is often in ruins, courtesy of Crayon! He is a kind, but somewhat immature and insecure man who likes to have fun with Shin Chan in his free time.

    Himawari, Shin Chan's Baby Sister ( la nhan vat xuat hien trong tap chi nguoi lon ma Shin rat thich .....)
    We have not officially 'met' Himawari, and we know of her only through newer merchandise and manga. We do not even know if she ever appeared in animated Crayon episodes!

    Shiro (Little White)
    Quote: "
    Shiro is Shin Chan's adorable and loyal pet. Shin Chan and his friends found him abandoned on the street and Shin Chan dragged him home (literally). He spends most of his time chained to his outdoor doghouse.

    Quote: "When I grow up I want to be a mother." "Ban gai Shin "
    One of Shin Chan's girl "friends". She is a very NORMAL, sweet girl, who likes Sailor Moon. She is happiest playing NORMAL games like house. She and Shin Chan get along fairly well. It is likely this is because she ignores him when he starts getting crazy.

    One of Shin Chan's friends. Bo is the kid in the group who is kind of 'slow' and always has a runny nose. He gives Masao an 'unusually shaped stone' for Christmas. Bo rarely says anything at all, which leads the viewer to think him very stupid... but every so often he pipes up with a surprisingly intelligent comment.

    Quote: "I wanna go home!"
    One of Shin Chan's friends. Masao is the wimpiest kid in the group. He often whines and worries about Shin Chan's antics. He is also a crybaby and a hopeless romantic. For some reason he had shaved off gray hair!

    Quotes: "Gimmie a break." - "Quit fooling around!" - "Listen to me!"
    One of Shin Chan's friends (sort of). Kazama is a very well-mannered and groomed kid who can be described as 'The Reggie to Crayon's Archie'. He is the only member of the kindergarten class who carries a cell phone! Kazama often tries to patiently explain the right way to do things to Shin Chan and invariably ends up FRUSTRATED! Kazama tries to be a very good example to the other children... he also tries to be the boss of the group, but often fails when Shin Chan takes over...

    No photo

    Kawamura ( Ban cung lop )
    Quote: "Action Beam!"
    NOT one of Shin Chan's friends. This 'Cheetah-Boy' is a bully at Shin Chan's school, and a member of Shin Chan's rival kindergarten class. He is easily identified by the Cheetah print tank top he always wears. Shin Chan has power over this older bully though... Kawamura has a MAJOR weakness for Action Kamen. All Shin Chan has to do is mention Action Kamen and 'Cheetah-Boy' stops dead in his tracks, strikes the 'Action Kamen Pose' and shouts "Action Kamen!" It angers Kawamura that he can't control himself, but he takes the attitude that Shin Chan has 'foiled him again'.

    No photo

    Yoshinaga Sensei (Midori) ( co giao )
    "Why me?"
    Shin Chan's kindergarten teacher. She is a perky and enthusiastic teacher. She handles the force of nature that is Shin Chan fairly well, and tries to be patient with him. She always wears her hair in a ponytail tied back with a ribbon.

    No photo

    Matsuzaka Sensei (Ume)
    Quote: "Who's an old maid?"
    Another kindergarten teacher at Shin Chan's school. She is very much Yoshinaga's rival, and is not nearly as good natured. She is VERY dramatic and it seems as if she will snap at any time. She does not care much for Shin Chan or his antics. Her goal in life is to get married before she is old and gray.

    No photo

    Enchiyou Sensei (Director)
    "I give up..."
    The principal at of Futaba Kindergarten, Shin Chan's school. Crayon has called it to his attention that he looks like a Yakuza Gangster, and treats him as if he is one! Generally a very patient and honorable role model.

    No photo

    Action Kamen
    "Action kick! Action punch!"
    Note: This is not really a picture of Action Kamen, it is a picture of Crayon DRESSED as Action Kamen... Action Kamen is Crayon's idol, he is a live-action masked superhero on TV. Crayon watches the show without fail, and drops EVERYTHING (literally) when it begins. On the rare occasion that the show is pre-empted, the pre-emptee better watch out! Crayon often imitates Action Kamen's powers against evil, such as "Action Beam!" and "Action Beam Ball!"

    Sin cau be but chi - Crayon Shin Chan